Things Our Clients Are Doing Better as a Result of Working Out

Dave & Deb Brown, NSCA-cpt

Mary Anne coming down the Old Mill Trail at Staunton State Park. Up and down is a lot work on this trail.

You would not believe the variation in the number of activities that people participate in! Working out properly can help with so many diverse things – some of which may surprise you:

Weekend Activities and Hobbies
From running, hiking, mountain biking to rock climbing, a consistent exercise program helps clients build and maintain muscle strength, endurance, core strength, flexibility and balance so that these activities are easier and more enjoyable. Even doing projects around the house like painting, heavy lifting, and fire mitigation become easier when you are in shape. Our clients are able to do all of these things better. Some clients are most excited about being able to keep up with the grandkids or just walk up the stairs easier. That makes an enjoyable event even more fun!

We have clients training for their first 5K and cycling events; as well as clients who have many years of eventing under their belts, but want to improve their performance. One client is successfully working on increasing her running speed after a 20 year running career. Another has just gotten back on her bike after a long hiatus.  Along with a strong foundation in general fitness, we work with these clients on sport-specific movements that will give them the edge during their events, as well as help to prevent injury while training for the event.

Overall Health
Clients have been working (successfully!) on controlling the effects of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis.  With smart program design, consistency on the part of the client and a conservative approach taken by us trainers, clients can see steady and safe improvement in these areas.Some of our clients have been able to reduce or completely eliminate medications. Several clients have experienced a complete life change as a result of significant and lasting weight loss. There is no feeling comparable to finally getting into that size 8 jean, not requiring the use of the seat belt extender when on an airplane or having your cardiologist exclaim, “Whatever you have been doing for your heart – keep doing it!”

Several clients have come to us after having had surgery. They have been through their work with the Physical Therapist, but are not back to 100%. We have been able to do post-rehabilitative work on ankles, feet, knees, hips, shoulders and backs to enable our clients to get back to full capacity with their activities.

So, no matter what you are interested in, what projects or activities you are into, you can benefit from consistent working out!

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