Give Love to Your Body

Deb Brown, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Nutrition Specialist

How do we show love to the important people in our lives? We do nice things for them. We show appreciation and gratitude for them. We are constantly thinking about what is best for them. We monitor their health and well being. If a child is sick, we provide medicine, encourage rest and make sure they are eating and drinking appropriately to support the healing process.

Are you giving love to your body? Too often, we all get so busy and distracted with life. We ignore and take for granted how amazing our bodies are. In the course of a single day, your heart will beat over 100,000 times. You will inhale and exhale about 23,000 times per day. You will digest and absorb a multitude of nutrients. Your body will be constantly healing and repairing bones, muscles and tissues. There are thousands of chemical reactions taking place in your body right now as you read this article. These reactions are finely tuned to help keep your body at a homeostasis: the right level of hydration, the right level of sugar and nutrients in your bloodstream, the correct level of a myriad of hormones. Miraculous!

So, are you giving love to your body to support the miracle that it is? Or do you take it for granted until something goes wrong? Here are some suggestions on how to give love to your body.

  1. Hydrate often with water.
  2. Don’t ingest too much poison in the form of processed sugar, processed foods, alcohol, saturated fat, junk foods.
  3. Understand it. Think you need a “cleanse”? Nope! Your liver and kidneys are built for cleansing. Just eat right!
  4. Exercise it. Our bodies are built to move, not to sit for hours in cars, at a desk and on the couch. Fit small amounts of exercise in every day.
  5. Feed it. Focus on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy forms of carbs and fats.
  6. Be calm. Manage stress. Learn how to meditate. Contrary to popular belief, meditation is NOT about clearing your mind. It’s about being mindful and present. And you can start with just 5 minutes a day!
  7. Stay up to date on medical appointments. Get that mammogram or colonoscopy that you have been putting off. Neither are really a big deal at all!
  8. Invest some time for stretching, keep your body flexible. Yoga anyone? If not, there are all kinds of apps out there to help you integrate stretching into your life.
  9. Know your family history and support your health accordingly.
  10. Breathe. Be mindful. Of your body, of what you are putting into it, of your overall health.
  11. Perform random acts of kindness. It is good for your heart and soul!
  12. Make your health a true priority. Stop putting yourself and your health at the bottom of your “to-do’s”.


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