Client Profile: Nancy Marrs

By Deb Brown, NSCA-CPT and Nancy Marrs

Nancy came to us in early 2018 and her goals were straightforward: to gain strength and improve her balance. She also wanted to be consistent with her exercise, as well as lose some weight. In the 6 months that we have been working with her, she is well on her way to accomplishing all of the goals she set for herself. She has shed several pounds, has increased her muscular strength and endurance; and has greatly improved her balance. Nancy is very consistent with her workouts, always showing up with a smile and ready to get to work. We love the way that she just comes in and gets it done! Her program includes cardiovascular work, followed by strength and core training. We wrap it up with balance and flexibility work at the end. We also incorporate balance challenges into the middle of her strength training program. For example, we have had her work on shoulder presses while balancing on one foot at a time. We also do balance-specific exercises that have her move in multiple directions.  Her workouts generally take about an hour and Nancy is usually in 2-3 times per week. Here is what Nancy has to say about her experience:

“After letting my fitness habits slide for a year and a half, I decided in January I needed to do something. I started at On the Move. Mind you, I planned to go for just a month or two, just long enough to learn some exercises. Then I planned to work on my own at home. But Dave and Deb gave me so much support and encouragement, I could see that is just what I needed to stick with a program and reach my goals. As I got stronger, they would change up the exercises to challenge me. I love a good challenge! One of my goals was to have better balance. At my age (young 70’s), I don’t need a fall, injuries or a broken bone. Dave and Deb helped me work on that at every session. Within a couple of months, I could see my strength and balance improving steadily. I find myself looking forward to going to On the Move. I have gotten to know the other folks who come and everyone is friendly and we all encourage each other. I have lived in Colorado for four years now. There are so many wonderful things to see and do in this state and, now that I’m stronger, I won’t have to miss a thing.”

I remember early on as I was getting to know her, being surprised by her inherent strength. Nancy informed me that she grew up on a farm and worked very hard doing manual labor chores. This strength has carried through all the way to her seventies. It is apparent to me that she will continue to retain her strength and balance as she moves into her eighties and beyond.

Recently, Nancy travelled to the Oregon cost to visit her son. Both Dave and I were impressed that she kept very active while on vacation and even hit the gym a couple times to workout with a program that we had given her. Now, that’s dedication! And that is why she is getting results. Her focus, determination and hard work are all paying off and will continue to pay off in the years to come. Great job, Nancy!

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