It’s All About Results!

Deb Brown, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Wellness Coach

It’s amazing what working out with weights and doing cardio consistently does for your looks, body shape and energy levels. Even more important, though, is what it can enable you to do. We would like to highlight some of the incredible accomplishments of our diverse clientele.

Our clients’ goals are as diverse as our clientele! Some clients want to lose weight, get stronger or have more energy. They typically see results working with us for 4-6 weeks. But then, because of our business model, they find themselves having fun and enjoying their workouts: they get hooked! This leads to a consistency in their exercise that many have never experienced. This consistency leads to ever greater benefits and becomes a self-perpetuating positive habit in their lives. It becomes a lifestyle. Gwen A. is a great example of a successful weight loss client. Gwen lost 9 pounds in her first 2 months of working with us and is happy about the way her clothes are fitting these days. She has increased energy, is eating better and is tearing it up on the ski slopes as well.

Other clients have very specific goals that they want to obtain: ski all day without getting tired, compete in a Triathlon, manage a chronic disease like fibromyalgia, lower blood pressure. One of our clients, Donna S. came to us over 2 years ago. She expressed an interest in running and ran her first 5K in the summer of 2007. Through much hard work and discipline, this hard-working mother of two, recently ran her first 1/2 marathon. Way to go Donna! Karen F. is a great example of a working-mom-turned-triathlete. This 40- something mother of three works down the hill and manages to stay consistent in her workouts here at the studio. This past summer, she competed in two triathlons. You Go Girl!!

Peter H. is an avid and accomplished skier – and wants to keep it that way. At 60-something, he is a dedicated client who comes in 2 times per week. First hand accounts of Peter’s skiing abilities include the words, “beautiful” and “he makes it looks effortless”. Peter prefers black diamond slopes and really likes skiing in the trees. Our job is too keep him in prime ski conditioning shape and injury free so that he can keep enjoying his passion! Another client who has a passion is Tim S. who is an avid cyclist. He recently rode in the Copper Classic event, which features 3 mountain passes – brutal! Tim accomplished this feat in less than 4 hours. Our clients are continually reaching higher and higher and we are proud to be a part of their efforts and success. Thanks, everyone, for making our work purposeful and fulfilling. We really do love what we do and it’s because of you.

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