Connect Your Fitness Goals with Your Values for Success

Deb Brown, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Wellness Coach

Creating fitness goals is a fundamental part of getting in better shape or training for an event. Having goals can give you a definite focus for your activities and keep you going on those days when your motivation is waning. We have found that the more closely your goals are aligned with your personal value system, the more successful you will be in attaining them.

In creating goals, first seek to understand those things that are important to you: what are your highest values as a person? If family is high on the list, how can you connect your fitness goals to that? How about having more energy to go hiking or biking with the kids? How about being a good role model for your kids by investing time in healthy eating and fitness related activities. Maybe you could engage in fitness activities as a family.

An excellent example of attaching fitness-related goals to personal values is found with our client Cheryl. Cheryl is in her fifties and one of her values in life is spending time outdoors in our beautiful mountains. Hiking and cross-country skiing are integral parts of her life. She thoroughly enjoys these activities and wants to continue doing them injury- free. She trains with us to remain strong, balanced and flexible, thereby enhancing her abilities and increasing her enjoyment of these activities. I anticipate that Cheryl will continue to workout and be active for quite a long period of time since she has such an enjoyment factor with her activities and is deeply motivated to continue.

We have another client who wants to remain active and full of energy in order to play with her grandchildren. Through consistent cardiovascular and strength training exercises, she is now able to keep up with them and still has energy at the end of the day after babysitting them. I also anticipate that she will continue her healthy lifestyle because the benefits she is seeing are attached to one of her most important values: being an active Grandma that participates fully in her grandkids’ lives and activities.

If you are working on fitness goals, it’s a great idea to examine them and see how they connect up with your values as a person. Your chances of success in attaining your goals will increase dramatically.


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